Oops, Rita Ora forgets bra

Oops, Rita Ora forgets bra

Stepping Out with Rita Ora

Rita Ora is no prude when it comes to clothes. She is comfortable at home without a stitch of clothing, so appearing in public with a black-on-white tuxedo style jacket and shorts with no shirt and No Bra is not a big deal. She carried a black handbag and wore darling black shades with splashes of white. Her white heels were perfectly matched to the pearl white of her outfit.

She is young, beautiful, Brit and able to carry off this look. And, she truly is “Hot Right Now”. Rita sashayed down the sidewalk with her right hand tucked casually into the pocket of her shorts and of course she was wearing that delicious shade of her favorite lipstick.

Although she doesn’t have much in the way of cleavage, isn’t it really about the tease? How could a person walk past her and not look. How could you not be curious about what’s under the jacket?

Rita is sweetly confident with an authentic character. She has great legs and even though the shorts were badly hemmed, she rocked them. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. This girl can rock any outfit regardless of missing undergarments.