celebrity childhood photos: nfl quarterbacks tom brady

celebrity childhood photos: nfl quarterbacks tom brady

Tom Brady Childhood Photos Reveal Girlish Side

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was outnumbered by women in his family when growing up. His celebrity childhood photos reveal that his three older siblings, all girls, delighted in dressing Brady up to look like a girl.

But even in his earliest photos, he showed evidence of the handsome good looks that would turn heads when he became a professional athlete. He also admits in interviews that his sisters insisted that he play with all the dolls that they had in their home in San Mateo, California. Today Brady, who led the Patriots to victory at the Super Bowl on three occasions, is busy having photographers take pictures of his own three children.

Brady was soundly criticized when he left a three-months pregnant Brigette Monyahan in 2007 to pursue a relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundschen. He and Monyahan are parents of a son. Brady went on to marry Bundschen in 2009.

His family has since been expanded by two more children, a son born in late 2009 and a daughter born in 2012.

The attractive power couple were most recently photographed this summer with their two sons, Jack and Benjamin, enjoying a holiday at Disney’s California Adventure theme park.


celebrity childhood photos: nfl quarterbacks tom brady