The ubiquitous eyes and ears of the tabloid site TMZ (The Movie Zone) have reported sniffed out a story that Charlie Sheen and Zac Efron are getting together for cocaine parties.

For his part, Sheen reacted swiftly once he caught whiff of the story and has told TMZ that the rumors have no basis. He acknowledged meeting Efron recently on the set his show “Anger Management” but he claims that Efron didn’t show up to meet him. Rather, Efron arrived to meet up with his publicist who happens to be the same one Sheen employs.

Prior to that encounter, Sheen had Efron over his house for a Super Bowl Party one year earlier. The “cocaine party” rumor has it that the two men have gotten together a dozen times for the express purpose of taking the drug.

As far as the rumor that he has a strong cocaine addiction goes, Sheen refuted that by stating that his work record on the set of “Anger Management” proves he does not have an addiction. In the first year of his new show, he has shot 54 episodes which is a quantity Sheen says is three seasons worth of shows. His implication is that he could not have done so much work if he had an out of control addiction.