Tom Selleck Nearly Played Indiana Jones


Harrison Ford is known mainly for two roles: Indiana Jones and Han Solo. His role as the daring archeologist almost went to fellow handsome man Tom Selleck. According to some sources, George Lucas apparently envisioned Selleck in the role and had his heart set on him playing Indiana Jones. Steven Spielberg, the other genius behind the franchise, was pulling for Ford. Is it possible to even think of Indiana Jones as anyone aside from Ford?

Additionally, Selleck also had a prior commitment to “Magnum PI” when he auditioned for “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” His audition was great and his career likely would have turned out very differently had he ended up in the role. He still became a leading man of the time period, but on television instead of the big screen.

This is coming on the heels of more current news that Ian Somerhalder will not be playing Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The role of Christian Grey is unlikely to become as iconic as that of Indiana Jones and Solerhalder will likely go on to do greater things. Like Selleck, he is currently busy on the set of a television show, “Vampire Diaries.”