Bali, Indonesia – Radical Muslim clerics partially succeeded in inciting their followers to angry protests against the Miss World Pageant in the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia. The original venue was in the nation’s capital of Jakarta and was moved out of security concerns to the largely Hindu island of Bali.

Apart from that move, the Miss World Pageant pressed on despite the threats from the opposition. Clerics decried the pageant, but have yet to put forth any reasons as to how the protests will raise the standard of living & level of education of their followers.

The winner of the event was Megan Young from the Philippines in a first ever for that nation. Miss Young vowed to be the best Miss World in the history of the event. This is the 63rd annual competition which began in 1951. Over the past decades, interest in Europe and North American has decreased in terms of viewership. However, those loses have more than been made up by interest across Asia.

Thus far, the countries with the most winners have been Venezuela with six titles, Great Britain and India with five victories each. The event is the oldest surviving international pageant.

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