bill rancic proposed in a helicopter flying over Chicago

bill rancic proposed in a helicopter flying over Chicago (photo courtesy Jessica Capps

Bill Rancic Proposes in Style Flying Over Chicago

Bill Rancic made quite a splash with his marriage proposal to Giuliana DePandi. Bill Rancic is known as the outlandish winner of The Apprentice. He was the winner of the first season of the Donald Trump show. He has now become engaged in glorious fashion. There have been some tremendous celebrity engagement stories in the past. This particular story though may take the proverbial wedding cake.

Bill Rancic took Giuliana DePandi on the ride of her life. He arranged to have her brought to a helipad in a limo. Once at the helipad, the two enjoyed their favorite foods and hopped on a helicopter for a romantic flight.

While the two were flying high over Chicago, Illinois, Rancic began to execute his proposal plan. He popped the question flying high over the city. They made it back to the apartment of Rancic, which was covered in red rose petals. Bill and Giuliana celebrated their engagement with cake. Giuliana DePandi obviously said yes. No girl could deny such a romantic marriage proposal.

Giuliana DePandi is best known for her work on the E! News network. She is an anchor for the network. Following the engagement the two planned to wed in the country of Italy.