Helen Flanagan in FHM Calendar

23-year-old buxom beauty Helen Flanagan is on a roll following her participation in the ITV1 reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” The blonde bombshell from Manchester, England, will now appear in the FHM (For Him Magazine) Calendar for the month of November.

In the Helen Flanagan Calendar, the former Coronation Street star will appear covering her famous sisters with nothing but a skimpy white cardigan sweater which reveals plenty of side boob while she playfully places her hand and sweater cuff against her pouting lips with her striking clear blue eyes gazed straight at the camera.

As for the rest of her body, she is wearing a thong underwear and matching intimate stockings. Flanagan is dating her boyfriend of several years Scott Sinclair of Manchester City. Sinclair caused Flanagan a very public embarrassment after she discovered sexually explicit texts between him and another woman. Nevertheless, Sinclair took him back after a separation of several months.

Speaking of her time on the reality TV show, Flanagan said it was much more challenging than she imagined it would be. She thought she’d be having some “Bay Watch” style bikini beach moments, but was instead pushed to her physical limits via the challenges.

The official 2014 Helen Flanagan Calendar is on sale to buy online at www.glamourgirlcalendars.co.uk/helen

will you be getting yourself a Helen Flanagan Calendar?