Why Did jennifer lopez and ben affleck call off their wedding?

Why Did jennifer lopez and ben affleck call off their wedding?

J.Lo and Ben Postponed Wedding Because of Media Attention

Hollywood A-list couple J-Lo and Ben Affleck called their wedding off after getting the public excited about their fairytale romance. The couple plays the blame game by attributing their cancelled big day to the media. The lovebirds claimed that the media made it impossible to have the wedding they wanted because excessive attention destroyed their efforts to keep the ceremony in private.

While the wedding was called off, sources insist that this does not have any implication on the couple’s relationship. They are still very much together. However, the couple realized that there is something wrong with how they are planning their wedding because they had to use three decoy brides at three different locations already, and this makes them question whether their wedding is at the right time and in the right place.

Cancelling the wedding is quite a hassle. The many guests invited to the wedding were being called on to inform them the wedding is off. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were reportedly bothered about how the media and the paparazzi were hounding different hotels in and around Los Angeles to get the chance to book rooms and be close to the event.

Reportedly, the couple is planning to continue on with their wedding at an undefined date and place. Guests will only be informed when the date is near. They will be called on days before the date and will be informed of the place so that unwanted publicity will not be drawn. Some also claim the couple would rather sneak off and get married without anyone knowing.