Kerry Washington Spoofs "The Fox" on SNLBy now everyone has heard Ylvis’s “What Does the Fox Say?”; the song that has gone viral for having grown men wearing animals costumes and making a wide variety of animal noises. This Saturday, actress Kerry Washington teamed up with SNL’s Jay Pharoah to preform a parody of that internet sensation. The result was a hilarious song about cheating lovers.

Instead of the animal sounds and a detailed description of all of the great qualities a fox has, this version, “What Does My Girl Say?”, has Washington going through Pharoah’s phone to read his text messages and looking through the pictures of women he has saved to his cloud. She proceeds to ask him who the women are while Pharoah complains about her jealousy.

The second half of the song, when Pharoah’s character has gotten caught, flips the roles and has Washington singing “What Does My Guy Say?” He answers with things such as “I don’t know” and “Please don’t go. You pay for my phone”. In the end, Washington walks out on him saying she doesn’t need him.

Since NBC uploaded the video to Youtube this weekend, the video has already gotten several hundred thousand views.

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