Police officers arrested ABC newsman Sam Donaldson in Lewes, Delaware last December and charged the veteran news anchor with drunk driving after he failed to pass a sobriety test. This month, however, a judge in Delaware threw the case out of court, saying that police did not have enough probable cause to arrest him for DUI. An attorney for the 79-year old Donaldson claimed that his client was given a balance test at the scene of the arrest that was not meant to be administered for people over the age of 65. His attorney also pointed out to the judge that police has given conflicting reports about when Donaldson was actually given a sobriety test.

The court agreed with Donaldson’s attorney, calling police records of the arrest “spotty.” Donaldson, who currently lives in McLean, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC reports he was both relieved and happy that the DUI charges were dismissed. Donaldson’s face is well known to television viewers since he was a major White House news correspondent between 1977 and 1989, resuming that beat for another two years starting in 1997. Donaldson has also been assigned to cover almost every Presidential convention since the mid 1960s.