'Sesame Street' trivia: bert ernie named after cab driver cop wonderful life

‘Sesame Street’ trivia: bert ernie named after cab driver cop wonderful life

Bert and Ernie rumors untrue, says head writer Jerry Juhl

The creator of the Muppet characters may have had a unique way of coming up with names for their most beloved characters. An interesting piece of trivia about two of the most beloved Sesame Street puppets is that Bert and Ernie were named after the famous Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life. A writer for the show says that the information is just a rumor started by people who would love for it to be true.

Headwriter for the show, Jerry Juhl, says that the claims are false. He says that Jim Henson did not have the movie in mind when he named the two popular characters. Juhl states that Henson had no memory for detail; therefore, there is no way that he would have remembered the cab driver and cop from the movie. Juhl insists that Henson looked at the puppets and said that one looked like a Bert and one look like an Ernie; thus, the endearing character names.

Jim Henson passed away on May 16, 1990. Many of the Muppet characters that he created have been donated to the National Museum of American History. Bert and Ernie were not among them. Sesame Street continues to air throughout the country, spreading joy to children of all ages.