Miss Universe million dollar swimsuit: A Crown and Swimwear

On November 9th the winner of the 62nd annual Miss Universe pageant was announced. The event was held in Russia for the first time in the history of Miss Universe. The winner? Gabriela Isler, a 25-year-old from Venezuela. Of course, she is thrilled at winning, but she may be enjoying the perks a little more.

Gabriela Isler is the seventh woman to win the title for Venezuela. It was a hard fought victory, in which she had to best more than 80 other contestants. Through her unique style and wonderful retorts in the final round earned her the title of Miss Universe.

In her first appearance since being crowned Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler could be seen showing off a 1 million dollar swimsuit. The swimsuit was designed by the Italian lingerie company known as Yamamay, it took them three months to perfect this one-of-a-kind million dollar swimsuit and it is made with 200 carats worth of various gems. To protect such a valuable piece, the swimsuit was chauffeured around by an armed guard.

When as about the swimsuit Isler, was quoted as saying “It’s very simple but very elegant, so it’s like me.” Speculation is ongoing as to whether the ‘simple’ dress will be offered for sale.

Inlight of the recent typhone, some users online questioned the morality of a million dolloar swimsuit:

“So useless, these contests… what values do they pass on to young girls? Look at what a million dollars could do for say, Philippine victims.”

“Proof positive that a million dollars cannot buy you taste or class. That is one tacky suit. It looks like something you would buy from a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.”

“Why does someone who has known a lifestyle of wealth and indulging, with a bathing suit of this cost, have to win this kind of competition? How can someone of this category know of the world’s needs?”

“Maybe they could auction the bikini and donate the proceeds to the victim of the

“When the first thing I hear about ‘Miss Universe’ is that she wore a $1M bathing suit, makes me hate this individual right off the bat and tells me that she is self absorbed, selfish and doesn’t care about the universe at all… This title is a bunch of BS anyway, and someone who devotes their life to being some made up Miss Universe, basically so they can worship themselves, is a worthless person anyway.”

What do you think of Miss Universe and her million dollar swimsuit?


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