Photo: Rafael Amado Deras

Photo: Rafael Amado Deras

Lindsey Lohan has recanted her claims that her mother was abusing cocaine during an evening the two shared at local dance club. Initially, she phoned her father for help claiming her mother was trying to kidnap her after getting high on cocaine. At the time of the phone call, both mother and daughter were being chauffeured in a limo so unless the driver was in on the abduction, that part of the claim certainly isn’t true.

As for the cocaine abuse, a photograph taken of Dina & Lindsey Lohan make it pretty obvious that they were both probably snorted into an altered state of mind. Regardless, the TMZ was able to get a recording of the frantic phone call from Lindsey to her father Michael. For his part, he was blamed his daughter for the trouble explaining that the incident was a perfect example of the harm she brings into the life of those around her. Lohan then snapped back at her mother whom she referred to as a devil.

“I’m really regretful about the argument I had with my mother and it being made public,” she said. “Mothers and daughters fight. You know, I called my father and told him some really hurtful and untruthful lies about my mom. My mom does not do cocaine, clearly. And that’s a fact.”

Now that the (cocaine) dust has settled, Lindsey says her mother wasn’t high at all and that her father is no longer part of her life. What sparked the fight between mother and daughter was Lohan asking her mother to return a $40,000 personal loan she gave her to keep her house out of foreclosure.

TMZ posted audio of the conversation between Lindsay and her dad.

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