Genevieve Sabourin is a Canadian actress who was in court for charges of stalking Alec Baldwin. On November 13th the judge found Sabourin in contempt of court for her constant interruptions. She was sentenced to jail for 30 days.

The French Canadian actress claims that Alec Baldwin began making advances toward her while still married to Kim Bassinger back in 2002. She alleges she did not pursue the flirtatious relationship due to him being “very married”. Six years later Sabourin’s career was stagnant and she contacted industry friend Martin Bregman to help. He called Baldwin to arrange a meeting as a personal favor. Baldwin stated that he met with Sabourin once to offer some professional coaching and as a personal favor to mutual acquaintance Martin Bregman.

In court Ms. Sabourin frequently shouted out. Repeated instructions from the judge to stay quiet were ignored. Sabourin sobbing while she replied, “It’s very difficult when people lie in front of your face”. Ultimately the judge charged her with contempt and sentenced her to 30 days in jail. Sabourin faces additional charges of attempted aggravated harassment, stalking, and harassment.

“I can’t hear the attorneys. I can’t hear anyone speaking. I have warned you repeatedly. You have made it impossible for the court to proceed and for the proceedings to occur appropriately,” Judge Mandlebaum scolded Sabourin as she continued with her outbursts.

But Sabourin, 41, defiantly replied: “I’m used to it. I’ve been in contempt for two years.”

Baldwin maintains they were never an item. Sabourin will begin serving at least the 30-day sentence on the contempt charge one she finishes testifying in Manhattan Criminal Court.

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