Kanye West is back making headlines again and this time in a more innocent way. The constantly embattled Pop and Media Mogul has compared himself to the eccentric book and movie character, Willy Wonka. Kanye West made this claim in an interview with an American radio station saying, “I want to be as unrealistic as possible. I want to be as surreal as possible.” For those that are not in the know, Willy Wonka was an eccentric and rich candy manufacturer in the Roald Dahl classic: “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.”

It isn’t often that Kanye’s exploits reach the mainstream media without taking some sort of darker twist but this time the headlines seem mostly joking. Kanye West was tongue in cheek during the interview, laughing, “I’m not promoting yoga in no type of way!” After explaining that he wants to reach as close to a “dream state” as possible.

While some will get angry that Kanye is again making headlines with his mouth others will enjoy the more light hearted approach he has been taking in his most recent string of radio driven rants. Kanye also discussed his wife, Kim Kardishian, and his new baby boy.