Michelle Pfeiffer Considering Plastic Surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer Considering Plastic Surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer Not Opposed to Plastic Surgery in Small Amounts

Although actress Michelle Pfeiffer is still looking hotter than ever in her mid-fifties, she says she is not opposed to getting plastic surgery, so long as she continues to be recognizable.

The 55-year old former “Catwoman”, who in her personal life is the spouse of mega-hit TV producer, David E. Kelley, says she would consider going under the knife herself if she was sure that it would make her “look better.” But she would want a body remodeling job that left no telltale signs so that people couldn’t tell she had actually undergone a plastic surgery procedure.

But she says that for many people, once is not enough when it comes to plastic surgery projects. They get addicted to doing more and more nips and tucks until suddenly, what Pfeiffer classifies as a “strange body dysmorphia” occurs and people don’t really look younger, just stranger.

Many other stars, including Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian and Amanda Seyfried, say that they really aren’t sure whether or not they would opt for a surgical procedure to look better, although they all admitted they might feel differently as they get to be older. Sixty-something Helen Mirren jokes she needs her whole body fixed.

Michelle Pfeiffer and 5 Other Stars Who Would Consider Plastic Surgery