Bradley Cooper Tells All
Bradley Cooper is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. His star shines so bright that you would never suspect that he battled addition in his earlier Tinseltown days. However, a young Bradley struggled with addiction when he has a supporting role on the hit show Alias in 2001. He was not working very much, and the stress elevated to the point that Cooper was not functioning well without the aid of drugs.

He eventually asked J.J. Abrams, the show’s director, to take him off Alias as he was not getting the screen time that he wanted. The whole project was just too much for him. Cooper summed up this time in his life with a strong four letter word that rhymes with duck.

Bradley eventually became sober, and he started to work more and more. He was offered roles in movies with big names in Hollywood. His biggest break was the smash comedy hit The Hangover. This movie launched his career into the A listing superstar that he is today. Bradley now has one Academy Award nomination, and he is likely to get more awards and accolades as he continues to shine in challenging dramatic roles.

Bradley cooper addiction