michael jordan Estate Still Up For Grabs

michael jordan Estate Still Up For Grabs

Michael Jordan’s home is a no sale at auction

Basketball player Michael Jordan still owns his home in Chicago.
The 56,000 square foot home in Highland Park was offered for sale this week at an on-line auction site but the house failed to secure the minimum bid.

The home sits on over seven acres and has nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, four half baths and lots of other extras, including garage space for 14 cars, a library and a full-size basketball court.

In February 2012 the home went up for sale with an original listing price of $29 million. The price was dropped to $21 million before being listed online.

michael jordan Estate

Highland Park is a Chicago suburb, located about 23 miles north of Chicago.
A spokesperson for Jordan said they were disappointed that the home failed to meet the minimum bid for sale and will re-evaluate the next step for the home in the new year.
Jordan also owns a home in Florida and he decided to sell the Chicago home after making the decision to make that his primary location over chilly Chicago. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six basketball championships in the 1990’s.
The player’s home was built in 1994.

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michael jordan Estate

michael jordan Estate Still For Sale