Julia Roberts Tells Ellen Degeneres She's Not Pregnant (PHOTO)

Julia Roberts Tells Ellen Degeneres She’s Not Pregnant (PHOTO)

Julia Roberts, appearing this week on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, vehemently denied the many rumors in the press recently that she was expecting a fourth child at the age of 46. She laughed that the three children, all under 10 years of age, that she is already mothering is quite enough work, although she feels flattered that people are interested in her having another child. Roberts, who is married to Danny Moder, are the parents of son Henry, age 6, and 9-year old twins Phinneas and Hazel.

When DeGeneres teased her that she ought to make a phone call on air to her husband to tell him the news about her alleged pregnancy, Roberts went along with the joke and in mock horror announced that it was not the best way to give him surprising news.

“You’re pregnant, did you know that?” Ellen asked Julia on the show, boldly addressing the swirl of pregnancy speculation surrounding the busy actress.

“Oh, thank you… How optimistic and encouraging of you, Ellen,” Julia coyly responded. “Somebody get my husband on the phone. This is no way for him to find out!”

Roberts has recently appeared in many oversized outfits leading many to speculate that she was pregnant. But she denied the rumors earlier when appearing on “The Late Show” with David Letterman last week. But she is obviously enjoying the attention she has been getting about a possible pregnancy, but says that her life is good enough the way it is as mother to three healthy children.

Roberts pregnant ellen: Julia Roberts Denies Pregnancy Rumors, Says She’s Done Having Kids

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