britney spears meet and greet has fans seething

britney spears meet and greet has fans seething

Britney Spears Left Fans Dissatisfied at Pricey Meet and Greet

After shelling out $2,500 to meet Britney Spears, the “Work *****” singer’s loyal devotees were left displeased.

Fan purchased an exclusive VIP package that accompanied several perquisites. The package included getting one-of-a-kind merchandise and front row sits at Britney’s ‘Piece of Me’ concert. However, the biggest privilege consisted of meeting the pop star in person.

A source told that the fans’ encounters with their idol was impersonal and that the meet-and greet came with boundaries. Fans were not permitted to touch or hug Britney unless the pop star gave them permission. The fans could not come bearing any gifts for their idol either. The source went on to say that when the time came for fans to meet the pop star, the interaction was fleeting and impersonal. Each person received about three seconds with Britney, and it was like, “smile, take a photo, goodbye.”

The insider allege that fans said that the pop star barely spoke apart from saying ‘thank you’ a lot and smiling or nodding. The experience left many fans disgruntled and deflated because they were anticipating an ostentatious, lively meet-and greet with Britney Spears. On the contrary, fans found the event lackluster and awkward.

CBS’ 98.7 Amp Radio noted that brief encounters with celebrities are to be expected because the celebrities often have a long line of people waiting to meet them. Thus, while fans did not get the quality time they were expecting with the 32-year-old pop star, the succinctness of it all is common.


britney spears meet and greet

britney spears meet and greet disappoints fans