Actor Zac Efron, age 25, admitted himself into a rehab program five months ago. At the time, he said it was for an alcohol problem he was attempting to manage. However, it is now reported that the rehab program was for his cocaine addiction. By all accounts, Efron is doing very well following his rehab. He’s been sober for the past five months and even has his 5-month sobriety chip. Both friends and celebrity news sources are confirming that the star of the “High School Musical” franchise is very happy and doing well.

Regardless of how he developed the addiction, Efron did well in seeking help. The world would be a much better place if everyone who developed an addiction sought out help as quickly as he did. Some people in close connection to Efron admitted that his cocaine problem was evident on the set of his upcoming film “Neighbors” starring opposite Seth Rogan. The film was shot early last year and is set for general release on May 14.

‘The hardest part is calling your girlfriend before,’ he said on US late-night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live!
‘It’s like, how do you even start that conversation without feeling like an a**hole?’

As far as his acting goes, Efron has been gaining critical acclaim for his role in movies such as “Paperboy”, “The Lucky One”, and “Charlie St. Cloud”. He remains a box office draw and his sobriety should enhance his versatility on film.

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