Anna Faris' Pants

Anna Faris’ Pants

Anna Faris Gets Raves for Outfit to People’s Choice Awards

For celebrities, attendance at an awards ceremony can be big business. A classy appearance can win the favor of a casting director, film producer, fashion designer, or advertising executive looking for the new face to endorse a product line. Perhaps actress Anna Faris might find additional opportunities opening up for her if the raves she drew for her dress at the People’s Choice awards ceremony are any indication.

The 37-year-old actress from Baltimore, Maryland, arrived in a dress made designer sisters Wendi and Nicole Ferreira. The say the look they were seeking was a Naeem Khan style. Khan is a fashion designer who has previously designed apparel for Carrie Underwood, Beyoncé, and First Lady Michelle Obama. The ladies created a dress that they believed was both pearly and luminescent, gently flowing and striking at the same time.

By all accounts, they may declare “mission accomplished” because actress Anna Faris looked stunning in the top shirt and matching pants. The designers said the completely beaded nature of the outfit was able to work precisely because it was subtle or soft colored. It is the desire of celebrities to wear apparel that is an extension of their natural beauty. The People’s Choice Awards turned out to be the convergence of excellent fashion designing skills and the right model.

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