kate gosselin daughters: 'mom is annoying'

kate gosselin daughters: ‘mom is annoying’

Twin Gosselin Girls Admit Mom Annoys Them

Mady and Cary Gosselin, the first-born twin girls of reality TV stars Kate and Jon Gosselin, are dishing about what their lives have been like growing up in the fishbowl of reality television. The twins, who are now 13 and four years older than their famous sextuplet siblings who formed the basis for the “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” reality series, insist they have not suffered any lingering emotional harm from all the publicity they have been exposed to and definitely don’t consider themselves to be messed up over their parent’s highly public divorce.

But they do freely admit that they find their 38-year old mother to be very annoying but thinks that she likes to get under their skin just on purpose to bug them. Sister Mady admits that she did find it kind of strange that dad Jon began having a series of girlfriends who seemed to change on a weekly basis. She admits she doesn’t think that his having lots of girlfriends was necessarily a good thing for dad or his children. Both girls say that they miss filming the reality series and would welcome a second chance to have their daily lives witnessed by millions of viewers.


Gosselin girls: Mom Kate is ‘so annoying’