cameron diaz rescued justin timberlakes lucky socks

cameron diaz rescued justin timberlakes lucky socks

cameron diaz justin timberlakes lucky socks

Cameron Diaz the beautiful blonde Charlies Angel star has a worn out sock of Justin Timberlakes she keeps for good luck. Ms Diaz who may be one of the most superstitious actresses working today keeps the sock in her handbag to bring continued good luck.

A close friend of Ms Diaz revealed that Timberlake had a favorite pair of socks he wore when he played sports. The socks became worn and were thrown out. Once she heard the socks had been tossed Cameron immediately went diving into the garbage can to retrieve them. She was only able to rescue both.

Diaz genuinely believed something would go bad if the socks made it to the dump according to the friend. She thought the socks brought fame to her ex boyfriend so keeping the sock is her way to insure continues success for Timberlake.

Diaz wears a horseshoe necklace as a lucky charm and is always knocking on wood or her head to keep from disturbing the karma that has served her well thus far. Ms Diaz may have more superstitious rituals she observes and her success to date may be evidence of those rituals are working for her, knock on wood.