david beckham wears news cleats every game

david beckham wears news cleats every game

Beckham Wears a New Set of Cleats to Every Match

Fame has its perks and with a soccer superstar such as David Beckham that carries with it the ability to wear new cleats to every game. In all likelihood, the practice may have more to do with literally putting his best foot forward. During his final season as a professional soccer player, Beckham partnered with Adidas to launch the “Predator Lethal Zones Boots”. They were a fancy pair of soccer cleats designed with patterns from the Union Jack. They featured the names of his four children and every jersey number he’s worn during his career. The design features the signature of his classy wife Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl.

As Beckham earned his income as much from his endorsements as from his salary, he needed a fresh clean pair to pitch this product to fans. He said he was very pleased that Adidas worked with him to create the commemorative cleats. He has a long-standing relationship with the sports apparel giant.

In other news, he was spotted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, playing “Footvolley” on the Sao Conrado beach this past Thursday. The 38-year-old seemed a bit out of his element playing the hybrid game which originated in the 1960s in Brazil.