The mother of Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber has gotten into legal trouble regarding a “secret” home in Los Angeles which he rents for her. According to revelations in an article published on the website of Perez Hilton, Pattie Mallette, who is listed as the renter of the home, made some unwelcome renovations to the property without consulting the landlord.

The mother of the controversial Canadian singing sensation has been dwelling in the Los Angeles property since 2012. The home is reported to be 2,900 sq. ft., with a rental fee of some $8,000 per month.

Rumors are beginning to fly all around Hollywood concerning these unauthorized renovations which Mallette had no legal right to undertake without the express written consent of the property owner. For example, Mallette allegedly installed a mirror and other pricey items in an impromptu “home gym” facility, without even bothering to contact her landlord.

The rumors go on to further allege that Mallette never paid the company that did the renovation work in the home. The renovators went on to file a lien of $3,414 against the home. Needless to say, this was news to the actual property owner.

In the end, Mallette is reported to have made good the amount of the lien, by settling with the renovators to the tune of $2,600. But the entire incident naturally did not sit well with the owner of the property, and seriously damaged Pattie Mallette’s status as a renter in the region.

justin bieber mom secret home

justin bieber mom secret home