Families get to know one another in ways that few others get to due to the bloodline connection and the years spent growing up. That said, it is interesting to see what nicknames a person obtained when they weren’t rich and famous. Take for instance the Kardashian girls Khloe and Kim. The curvaceous socialites are known affectionately as Koko and Kiki respectively.

Singer Beyoncé was known simply as “B” or “Bey”. In the case of Jennifer Lopez, her nickname came from friends in her neighborhood who called her “Jenny from the Block”. Flamboyant singer Madonna was known by the unflattering “Madge”. Miley Cyrus was known by the simple and tender nickname of “Smiley” which almost certainly was given her doting father. Mariah Carey went by the name of “Mimi”. Actor Keanu Reeves earned the nickname “The Wall” from his high school days on the hockey team. Actress Liv Tyler, who was the stunningly beautiful Elven warrior & maiden Arwen Undómiel in the “Lord of the Rings trilogy”, was known by the nickname of “Liver”. Now, that’s a name only a family could get away with.

Some nicknames come from fans such as Lady Gaga’s “Mother Monster”, Heidi Klum’s “The Body” and Justin Bieber’s “slapface”. Just kidding, that’s what he deserves for his potty mouth and insolence, fans call him “The Biebs”.

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