Demi Moore kutcher: Demi Moore Reaction to Kutcher's New Baby

Demi Moore kutcher: Demi Moore Reaction to Kutcher’s New Baby

Demi Moore Reaction to Kutcher’s New Baby

It’s no secret that when actress Demi Moore was married much younger spouse Ashton Kutcher, she tried repeatedly to have a baby with him. Now friends are saying she is taking it hard to hear news about her ex-spouse’s new baby with fiancĂ© Mila Kunis from news media sources rather than having Kutcher call her directly about his impending fatherhood.

Moore made headlines when she began dating Kutcher and then married him following a long-time marriage to TV and movie star Bruce Willis. She and Kutcher finalized their divorce settlement last fall.

Some close friends are contending that news about the Kutcher-Kunis baby could prove to be emotionally upsetting for Moore, since she was already heartbroken when the couple could not work things out in their own marriage.

The alleged cause of their break-up was Kutcher’s refusal to stop having numerous affairs outside the marriage and their inability to agree about whether or not the two of them should begin a family.

The recent baby announcement from her former husband also presents Moore with the stark reality that he has definitely moved on from their relationship and that there is no possibility that the two of them can reconcile.

Demi Moore kutcher: Demi Moore Reacts to Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Baby News