Anna Kournikova has been dating Enrique Iglesias for the past 13 years, but the retired tennis star known for her model perfect body has never met his father. The pair has been together since 2001 when Kournikova stared in Enrique’s video for ‘Escape.’ Since then they have been dating despite several reports throughout the years that they were separated. The pair lives in a waterfront mansion in Miami on a private island and seem to do everything together as they are always photographed together, but apparently she has not been home to meet Julio, Enrique’s superstar father.

Julio Iglesias commented that Enrique is very independent and is always all over the world making it hard to meet up, but that his son obviously has great taste because Anna is very stunning. He also added that his wife and his kids and other brothers have all met Anna, but the timing has just never been right for him to meet her as well. Julio also stated that his son has had a very great music career even though it is different than his own and that it is remarkable that he chose a musical career and really excelled despite his father’s shadow.

Anna Kournikova Hasn’t Met Julio Iglesias, Even Though She’s Been Dating His Son For 13 Years