kendall jenner beach:

kendall jenner beach:

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Enjoy Day at Beach Paddle Boarding

Phuket, Thailand – It was time for some much needed rest and relaxation for the sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. It all likelihood, it was older sister Khloe who is in need of some rest following her marital problems from estranged husband Lamar Odom. The two have yet to finalize their divorce and Odom was recently interviewed by Spanish media saying that he still loves Khloe and will always consider her his wife.

As for the sisters, they were spotted enjoying the day at Phang-Nga Beach where they took in paddle boarding. Big sister Khloe let her 18-year-old sister maneuver the paddle board and work the oars. The slender young teen displayed some physical endurance pulling the weight of her larger sister from behind. Khloe wore a largely black one piece bathing suit and Kylie a pink bikini sans straps. There was very little risk of any wardrobe malfunction as she does not have quite so much of herself to cover as her older half-sisters do.

Later on, Kylie was spotted snorkeling off the beach and showing off her very thin physique. Their baby sister Kendall was also tagging along for the vacation and was spotted in a bikini. She went to great lengths posting numerous selfies of her bikini body in Instagram. Perhaps the 16-year-old has forgotten the advice of her older sister Kim, the queen of socialites, who cautions against posting too many selfies of oneself in favor of a select few well-chosen images. Chalk that up to a rookie socialite mistake.

At one point, Kylie provides assistance to Kendall getting her green bikini straps adjusted. While on a boat together, they were filmed by the every present camera crew gathering new material for their reality TV show “Keeping up the Kardashians” now in its ninth season. A vacation just wouldn’t be the same if they couldn’t use it to further their image.

kendall jenner beach

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