Hollywood, California – 29-year-old rookie rapper Karim Kharbouch aka French Montana from Casablanca, Morocco, would be well-advised to heed the words of the 1982 number one hit by Hall & Oates, “Oh oh here she comes.. Watch out boy she’ll chew you up! … She’s a maneater!” He has started hanging out with the wife of former NBA star Lamar Odom. Now, Khloe may not have learned much about professional basketball from her husband, but there is one term she is well familiar with and it is “rebound”. She went from public professions of standing by her man and trying to everything to salvage the relationship to dumping him and moving on. She’s still technically married to Odom.

Now, Montana and Kardashian are being spotted hanging out together amid talk of a romance between the two. At the very least, if Montana doesn’t want to end up as just another in a long list of friends with benefits, he would be well-advised to take her home to meet mother before engaging in any physical congress with her. The two were spotted together at the Oak nightclub in close proximity which is telling. Remember, the Kardashian girls are like a Hollywood film directors, nothing appearing before the camera is coincidental. A close friend of Khloe says she’s not interested in any romance at this time and she has lots of friends that are hip hop stars.

The event the two were spotted at was the 16th birthday part of Christian Combs, son of rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs. Khloe is said to be tight with lots of men in the rap music circle so to be spotted with Montana is not proof of any romance. It may well be. A friend of Khloe’s said she’s not the dating type. That is still doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy some afternoon delight.