Indio, California – The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked hit a high note Saturday during the final day of the 3-day event. Solange Knowles, baby sister to mega super star Beyoncé, was one of the headline acts for the finale. Solange brought her brand of funk and R&B saying it was her intention to transform the Coachella event into a grind-chella which she indicated by the seductive motions of her hips. She then took to dancing in an alluring and captivating manner. However, she did rebuke the cameraman for focusing too much on her hip area, but in all fairness he probably wasn’t the only guy to be mesmerized by the beauty. After all, she was singing the song “Bad Girls” and turning up a notch on her sex appeal.

In a later number, she made an R&B rendition of the Kate Bush tune “Cloudbusting” while admitting she would love to see the eclectic English singer in her upcoming tour. It is something she publicly admitted she wants her boyfriend to spring on her as a date.

People constantly draw comparisons between the two women from their music styles, physical appearances, and commercial success. However, Solange has long maintained that those comparisons and the concomitant rivalry people seek for doesn’t actually exist. As per Solange, the only thing that stands between the two sisters is the age difference. That became evident Saturday night as Beyoncé joined Solange on stage at the festival despite recently wrapping up and exhausting world tour that had her perform 100 concerts over the past year. The two sisters wrapped up the festival singing Solange’s song “Losing You” which utterly thrilled the audience who did not expect to see the superstar join her sister on stage. After the song was over, the two ladies were like young girls again as they giggled and played with one another.