Eva longoria slit dress

Eva longoria slit dress

Eva Longoria’s slit dress suffers a wardrobe malfunction at Cannes


Actress Eva Longoria was turning heads at Cannes this week with a sexy slit dress that became a victim of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. The actress who played an iconic role on television’s “Desperate Housewives” for many years was at the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Benicio Del Toro’s new film, “Jimmy P. Psychotherapy of a Plans Indian,” when the dreaded wardrobe malfunction occurred.

Longoria is a petite woman standing all of 5-feet tall and a native of Corpus Christ, Texas. She is 38 years old, but observers wouldn’t know it considering how great she looks, according to fashionstas. She was rocking a green high slit dress at the festival that showed off her shapely figure when the great wardrobe misadventure ensued.

A hard rain fell at Cannes that day. This caused the hem of her form-fitting dress to go through the wet stuff. While trying to get the skirt off the water, she tanked a little too hard. This showed off her private parts right smack in the face of the huge crowd of paparazzi surrounding her.

The dress was so tight it left no room for something ordinarily used by people, namely underwear. This compounded the situations, according to observers. As notable as the malfunction was, it was quickly covered up by film festival staff members. They escorted Longoria away from the fracas and up some stairs to the red carpet.

Before the malfunction, Longoria might have had a sense of things to come when she joked about the proverbial calm before the storm looking up at the skies about to rain down on her and her slit dress. However, following the great mishap, Longoria laughed off the situation when she posed for photos with fellow celebs Jane Fonda, Doultzen Kroes, Cheryl Cole, and Megan Gale.