Rob may not be worthing of having his photo taken, but his sis Kim looked stunning in her wedding dress!

Rob may not be worthing of having his photo taken, but his sis Kim looked stunning in her wedding dress!

Rob Kardashian left apparently before his sister Kim said “I do’s” to her now hubby Kanye West.

The only brother of the Kardashian clan was said to be “in tears” when he rushed to leave Florence ahead of his sister’s nuptials, reports TMZ.

He also didn’t attend the rehearsal dinner in Paris on Thursday, instead opting to remain in his hotel room because “all this wasn’t his scene,” a bodyguard for the family told People.

TMZ writes:

Rob Kardashian left Florence, Italy BEFORE his sister Kim got married to Kanye West … and we’re told it’s because some major family drama went down.

Rob booked a flight from Florence to L.A late last night in a hurry … and we’re told he was in tears while desperately trying to secure a seat.

It’s unclear what caused the Kardashian family beef — but it had to be bad — considering he missed out on not only his sisters wedding … but one of the biggest celebrity events of the year.

We just shot Rob leaving LAX and he was clearly not in a talking mood.

According to the Examiner, the rotund Kardashian has become self concious of his weight.

Rob’s disgust over the entire affair was wrapped up in the hurt he felt after his weight became an issue for his sister who strives to be epitome of perfection. The 27-year-old thinks that Kim cares only about his appearance and not about him sharing her big day. He said “to make life easier” for his big sister, he would just leave.

Rob Kardashian Responds to Reports That He is Fat

Rob Kardashian may be a co-star on the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, but that doesn’t mean he’s keeping up his physical appearance. He’s let his body go and he’s gotten fat particularly around the mid-section. It is a fact that those who follow the Kardashian’s every move have commented on. His recent weight gains have made him the odd man out given that his sisters are ever vigilant of their waist lines.

Well Kardashian has chosen to respond to those critical of his weight condition. For starters, he informed them that he is aware of the fact that he’s put on weight. Despite that, his recent trip to France had nothing to do with attending a fat farm or rehab center for overweight people. Kardashian scoffed at the notion he attended any such thing and made it clear that he does not believe in professional assistance to lose weight. He informed his critics that when he is good and ready to lose the excess weight, he’ll start hitting the gym to drop it the old fashioned way.

It is reported that his older sister Khloe came to his support. After affirming her love for her brother via a tweet, she took to castigating the haters for the cutting words they are hurling at Rob. She wrapped up her twitter rant by saying that the insults to her brother might leave him permanently scarred. Maybe. However, the limelight the Kardashians are ever chasing may be problematic as well. Obviously, the family would prefer he draw position attention to himself for having a great physique. In a recent episode of the show, his mother raised her concerns about his increasing loss of self-restraint. The lifestyle the Kardashians live isn’t for everyone. It took a toll on Lamar Odom and perhaps it is taking a toll on Rob.

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