kendra wilkinson baby:

kendra wilkinson baby:

Kendra Wilkinson Delivers Baby by C-Section

Realty television star and former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson is the proud mother of a new baby girl. Wilkinson’s daughter was delivered by Caesarian section last week at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The baby, whose father is former NFL wide receiver Hank Bassett, is named Alijah Mary Baskett. Born on Friday, May 16, she was born under the astrological sign of Taurus, likely to make her a headstrong and stubborn individual.

The 28-year old Wilkinson wanted to record this special moment for posterity and ignored hospital rules that prohibit cameras of any kind in the delivery room. The 28-year old reality star is reported to be very happy and healthy after the birth of her second child and first daughter. She and Baskett welcomed a son, Hank Randall Baskett IV, five years ago. Wilkinson told the followers on her Twitter feed that the birth of her new daughter would likely prove to be life changing, not only for her but for her entire family. Proud dad Baskett sent a message on his Twitter feed, announcing he was so happy and grateful to welcome a healthy new daughter in his life, complete with all “10 fingers and 10 toes.” He thanked all of his fans for their congratulatory messages and well wishes and said he was glad that “both of my ladies” are now safe and sound at the family’s home.

Wilkinson, who has participated as a “Dancing with the Stars” contestant in addition to appearing on “Celebrity Wife Swap” and “Splash”, first announced that she was pregnant with her second child after posting a selfie on her Twitter account with the caption, “Round Two.” There is no doubt that cameras were present at her daughter’s birth so she could share the event with “Kendra on Top” watchers.

While Wilkinson says she’s prepared to spoil a daughter, she recently confessed her 31-year-old husband “is terrified about having a girl. He is terrified!”

“The first thing he said when I told him we were having a girl was, ‘Oh, my god, how do I wipe her?’” she told OK! magazine in December.

“His eyes were filled with fear.”

Following Alijah’s arrival back in May, proud papa Hank was quick to gush to Us Weekly saying, “I feel great and I am so happy.” As for his wifey of five years? He had nothing but glowing words to say for the mother of his two children. “She is great and did an amazing job.”

Kendra Wilkinson’s Mother Has Not Been Allowed to See the Baby

Family feuds can often cross the line of using children as a punishment against one another. It is a response that is all too human, but very unhealthy just the same. Women have turned the children against their ex-husbands in the aftermath of a divorce and vice-versa. Adult children have denied their parent’s access to the children in response to disputes. Lost in the inter-family squabbles is the fact that despite the status of the adult family member’s relationship, the salient concern should be what is in the best interest of the children.

Perhaps porn-star turned reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson needs a reminder of that. For reasons unclear, gossip monger Perez Hilton has learned that Kendra’s mother Patti Wilkinson has yet to be given permission to visit her newest granddaughter from Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett. Apparently, the senior Wilkinson had a terrible row with her daughter this past fall. Ever since that time, she has not spoken with her. When they first stopped talking, Kendra was not pregnant. Her mother is hurt and offended that she was now allowed to be part of her daughter’s pregnancy and to be a support for her. It strikes deep into her heart that she can’t hold her precious little girl. As anyone who has been around babies knows, that fragile little baby state they have at birth doesn’t last very long and once it passes it is gone forever.

Kendra gave birth to a healthy little girl this past May 16. Her name is Alijah Mary Baskett. Whatever the difficulties the two women have between them, the best remedy is still a good dose of humility and reconciliation. There’s no word from Kendra yet on whether she’s willing to reconcile. In the interim, precious moments are slipping away… forever.

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