james franco UCLA B.A. english

james franco UCLA B.A. english

Like Emma Watson, James Franco Also Has a BA in English Literature

Los Angeles, California – With news of actress Emma Watson of “Harry Potter” fame earning her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, it bears mentioning that A-list actor James Franco also earned the same degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The 36-year-old Franco often plays roles portraying beach bum quasi-perv guys getting high on drugs. Anyone yearning for the easy going life he portrays would be well-advised that Franco only portrays those roles en route a big pot of Hollywood gold. He is also college educated.

Back in 2013 as he was promoting his hugely successful film “Oz the Great and Powerful”, he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert and the subject of his college education came up. Franco was wry about his reasons for going back to school. He stated that earlier in his life, he dropped out of college to pursue fame and fortune as an actor. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams with big box office successes in the Spiderman franchise. However, he admitted that once he had the celebrity success he sought after, he was left feeling that he needed more in his life. Specifically, he needed the growth that comes from an education. He was more self-deprecating in his description saying that he identified with the Scarecrow character of the “The Wizard of Oz” film in that he too was in need of a brain. In the end, like the Scarecrow, he discovered that he had brains all along.

Franco is known for his eclectic roles which have made him a fan favorite. He is a bona fide character actor capable of a wide range of roles such as the late Harvey Milk’s gay lover Scott Smith in the 2008 film “Milk” to a grill wearing cocaine dealer in the critically acclaimed Indie smash hit “Spring Breakers”.