article-2652131-1E93A5CE00000578-510_634x731Kimye Celebrate West’s Birthday with Spectacular Cake

Austin, Texas – Newlyweds Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appear to be off to a great start in their marriage. At least compared to Kardashian’s prior marriage to Neanderthal Chris Humphries. West, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday which comes only days after marrying the woman who is arguably the world’s best known socialite Kim Kardashian. Despite West being away on work for his “Yezzus” tour, his wife gave him a surprise birthday cake and it was spectacular. The cake was composed of specially baked letters “Y E Z Z U S” to mark his current tour.

In her birthday message, she cited West as her best friend on the entire planet. She continued to sing his praises citing his outlook on life as an inspiration and claimed he has changed her life in ways he cannot fathom. West’s new mother-in-law Kris Jenner sent him a birthday Instagram featuring a photograph of the two. Admittedly, it seems rather impersonal to send a post via social media for people that live and breathe in that medium. It is not clear why she couldn’t attend a surprise party in his honor.

West thrilled audiences in Austin, Texas, with his performance Saturday night. His wife was there to support him. After the performance, West hob-knobbed with professional skater Tony Hawk. A picture of the two men was posted on Instagram. West and his bride enjoyed a brief honeymoon in the Czech Republic and Ireland. Kardashian appears to be going full board into this marriage and legally changed her name to Kim West. The celebrations are by no means over. The following Sunday will mark Father’s Day 2014. It will also be the one-year birthday of their daughter North. The newly formed family is spreading a lot of love.

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