Super Bowl QB Aaron Brown and His Girlfriend Olivia Munn Continue their PDAs

Beverly Hills, California – Green Bay Packer’s QB Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend Olivia Munn can’t get enough of each other as they continue their public displays of affection (PDA). Munn is an actress currently co-starring in the HBO comedy-drama “The Newsroom”. During a recent taping of an upcoming episode, Rodgers showed up for a make out session. They were spotted being quite affectionate yesterday as they left a local grocery store. For her part, the 5’4″ brunette beauty wore a curvaceous gray sports outfit with her long black hair pulled back into a pony tail. Rodgers was more laid back wearing khaki slacks, a white T-shirt and gray cap. Admittedly, it’s a very easy going look, but then again he is from Chico IE hippie country.

When it was time to tank up the car, they both shared in the duty showing that they are in that phase of their relationship when they prize being with one another constantly. Munn had been dating Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman for over two years, but recently broke up in April. The following month, she started dating Rodgers on what must certainly be a whirlwind romance. That said, she is 33-year-old and presumably is mature enough to know what’s she’s doing. If the couple keep up at the pace they’re currently at, an engagement may be announced very soon.

They won’t be having as much time together very soon though. Spring season is getting underway for Rodgers and that will take him away to training camp. It should be noted that long-distance factors are what ultimately undermined her relationship with Kinnaman. Given that she and her new beau are in demanding careers, they will need to have a plan to keep the relationship alive. Both Munn and Kinnaman are said to have parted ways amicably.


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