Hollywood actress Blake Lively was seen with out make up and sporting a cute natural look while waiting to board a flight at JFK Airport in New York this past week. Even some of Blake Livey’s most ardent fans were surprised with her new elegant but simple look.

Best known for her role on the television show the Gossip Girl, the 26 year old Blake Lively is more known as a Hollywood mainstay for a glamor style which has also been the face of a number of high end beauty products. Her featured product line includes “Gucci Premiere.” Blake Lively has shared a range of her beauty tips for others who desire to mirror her make up style. Her natural look, while simplistic, was still elegant and showed that she could carry a number of looks with minimum make-up.

The rest of Blake Lively’s fashion wardrobe was equally as sharp. She donned an all black hat, made out of felt, a pair of hip skinny jeans, skate shoes, several tops with a leather jacket on top and a simple green scarf.

Blake Lively is known to be very outspoken regarding her love for trying different make up products and looks. She is also known for not having a trademark look but despite various make up experiments, she has a personality which shines through many of her looks. The holiday seasons also play a major role in which looks Blake may sport. She is on record as telling Harpers Bazaar, that during the holidays, she enjoys trying different looks the reflect the inner festive side of herself.

She is quoted as expressing her freedom in style choices as being inspired greatly by the holidays which inspire her to wear additional glitter eye liner or nail polish as well as metallic based shades of eye shadow. Blake also draws her inspiration from other beauty icons in Hollywood as well as her own mother.

Blake Lively Makeup Free

Blake Lively Makeup Free