Famous Last Words: Cory Monteith Told Ryan Murphy "I want to get better"

Famous Last Words: Cory Monteith Told Ryan Murphy “I want to get better”

Ryan Murphy Speaks About Cory Montieth’s Last Words

The “Glee” star’s last words to co-creator Murphy were, “I want to get better.”

Cory Montieth suffered from a history of substance abuse as a teenager. He relapsed while filming the hit show “Glee”. Murphy staged an intervention for the actor in his office this last March. Montieth suggested that he seek treatment after filming, Murphy said, “No. You need to do this now.” Then Cory Montieth uttered his last words to Murphy, “I want to get better.”

The actor was written out of the last two episodes of the fourth season while in rehab, he had assurances of a job after treatment. He reportedly finished treatment in April.

Montieth died on July 13, 2013 from a combination of heroin and alcohol while at a Vancouver hotel.

Ryan Murphy revealed that the show producers discussed all possible options for “Glee”, canceling the show out right or writing out Lea Michele’s charater if she didn’t want to continue.

Lea Michele was Montieth’s love interest on and off screen. They couple had begun dating in early 2012 and remained together until his death.

Murphy reports that is was ultimately Michele’s call to continue with the show.

The fifth season of “Glee” is set to air on Sept. 26th.

Roger Ebert’s Famous Last Words to Fans: See You At the Movies

Roger Ebert’s focus was on the film industry he was passionate about when he passed away at the age of 70 in the spring of 2013. And the famous last words he passed along to his fans via his popular blog about films and entertainment, were “I’ll see you at the movies”, the signature tagline he used with fellow reviewer Gene Siskel on their highly rated “Siskel & Ebert At the Movies” review show which aired until Siskel’s passing from cancer in 1999. Ebert’s wife, Chaz, reported that Ebert, who had to speak electronically after suffering cancer of the throat, did not give her or family members any last words prior to slipping away after an extended hospice stay but rather smiled peacefully before dying.

His famous last words, “I’ll See you at the movies”, were the final sentence in an essay that Ebert wrote called “Leave of Presence” for his internet blog, sensing that his remaining time on earth was limited. Ebert, who began his professional film criticism career at Chicago’s Sun-Times newspaper, wrote hundreds of film reviews in a more than 45 year period and continued to write them for his blog even as advanced cancer ravaged his body.

Famous Last Word; Hiya. I’ve been looking for you. I’m George Jones

During the 2013 CMA Fest, many memorable moments occurred, but one of them was also a endearing moment. George Jones’ wife, Nancy Jones, shared detailed stories about her better half and the final words he spoke; the couple has been together for over a decade.

At the event, many people give George Jones a tribute. Bobby Birkhead, Randy Travis, and John Rich, are some of the people who gave a tribute; Bobby Brikhead is Jones’ drummer.

The stories, however, will be remembered. Many tales were shares that made people laugh. Some stories displayed impatience and various times of fun and others displayed love.

Before Jones passed away, his wife told the crowd his final words. His last words were “Hiya. I’ve been looking for you,. I’m George Jones.” These words were uttered moments before he passed.

Jones has a voice that was very distinct; White Lighting was one of his many famous songs. Jones passed away this year on April 26th.

His music career lasted for many decades, and he became the greatest singer in the country music genre of all time.

Many people will remember Jones because he gave many people the gift of music. When his fans listen to his music, they feel nothing but joy from the beginning of the songs to the end of songs.


George Jones’ Wife Shares Final Words Of Music Legend