Hip Hop Singer R Kelley’s Child Comes Out as Transgender Boy

Hollywood, California – Hip Hop singer R Kelly’s 14-year-old child has publicly announced the transition to being a transgendered boy. The child, originally born a female with the given name of Jaya, now identifies as a boy with the legal name of Jay. While **** and lesbians have been making many inroads in recent years, transgender people have not made quite as much progress. Jay is viewed by many as being courageous in making the decision to come put publicly. His mother is reality TV star Andrea Kelly of the show “Hollywood Exes”.

For now, Jay will need to be content with just his mother’s support. His father has not spoken with him since he made the decision to identify as a male. For his part, Jay says he has known about his real gender since he was six years old. Admittedly, R Kelly will face opposition embracing his son on multiple fronts. The world of hip hop and rap has not embraced the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities as of yet. Likewise, the gospel community views sexual orientations other than heterosexual as being offensive to God and struggle with embracing the LGBT community as a result.

Instagram pictures of Jay show that his mother loves him and embraces him as is. Likewise, he says his sister is proud of him. While he is eager to complete his transition to being a male by receiving the gender realignment operation that will give him male genitals, he will need to be patient. He’ll have to be legal adult in order to get that operation and that will follow mandatory therapy to ensure he is emotionally prepared for the operation. Hopefully, R Kelly will be able to get past whatever provincial mindsets have him withholding much needed emotional support from his son.

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r kelly son jay


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