Josh Gad Speaks with Samantha Cortese About Frozen

Morning news reporter, Samantha Cortese recently interviewed Frozen star, Josh Gad. Cortese stated that she was beside herself as she stood beside the person responsible for the voice of Frozen character Olaf. She interviewed the voice over actor who was at Disneyland, there to open the theme park.

The interview took place directly infront of a statue of Olaf made of sand. Cortese also shared with the actor that she felt the residence fo Palm Springs loved Frozen. She said it’s because of the obvious weather difference between that in the movie and that of the city. Gad shared his belief of how he felt the Frozen character, Olaf, would enjoy Palm Springs as he loves summer and the city is a perfect summer location.

The 33 year old actor shared his excitement with Frozen’s amazing success. Frozen is the 2013 Disney film that was inspired by the fairytale titled The Snow Queen. The film was well recieved all over the world and earned over a billion dollars in box office revenue.

When asked by Cortese what he felt made Frozen measure to films that were popular in the golden age of animation like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, Josh shared his ideas. He stated that he believed the initial and most significant reason is that the film has universal themes that resignates with a lot of people. He believes the relationships found in the movie can be easily related to by the audience. The siblings relationship and the relationship involving true love without the aspect of the prince and princess are easy to connect with. He also believes the film offered a freshness with its musical aspect. He states good musicals have been missed. He compared the audience’s response to the music from the film to Beattle Mania.

Samantha Cortese Interviews Josh Gad AKA "Olaf" from Frozen

Samantha Cortese Interviews Josh Gad AKA “Olaf” from Frozen