Charges against driver in fatal Tracy Morgan crash


The actor Tracy Morgan was injured earlier this week when a semi-tractor plowed into his tour bus. The crash resulted in Tracy Morgan being hospitalized, and the death of the comedian James McNair. The crash also resulted in two other persons, who were riding on the tour bus, being hospitalized in critical condition. Tracy Morgan suffered a broken femur, nose, and several broken ribs as the result of the crash. Tracy Morgan was in a coma for two days, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Recently, revelations have come to light that the driver of the Wal Mart semi may be very liable for the crash. It is reported that the driver had not slept for over twenty-four hours before the crash, and that he had failed to update his log books in order to show why he had not slept. In addition, the police report from the crash states that there is little reason why the semi would have plowed into the tour bus while traveling down the New Jersey highway. According to federal law, drivers of semi-truck must sleep a minimum of eleven hours following fourteen hours of driving.

The matter was recently taken to court, and the driver of the trailer has pleaded that he is not responsible for the crash. The driver is being charged with auto-homicide, which carried a sentence of between five to ten years in jail. The driver is also being charged with auto-assault which carried a sentence of one year in jail. The driver of the truck has hired his own truck accident lawyer, and a spokesman for Wal Mart has stated that there is no reason to think that the driver was sleep deprived while driving the truck. The driver’s lawyer has stated that he wished the actor Tracy Morgan a full recovery.