Actor Thomas Sangster Related to Hugh Grant

Here’s bit of trivia many Hugh Grant fans may not have known. The young lad who played the love-struck middle school age stepson to Liam Neeson, a widowed man, in the 2003 smash hit comedy “Love Actually”, is actually related to Hugh Grant. Grant himself co-starred in the film as the recently elected Prime Minister of England who also happens to be a bachelor. Sangster is the second-cousin of Grant despite their roughly 29 year age difference.

So what’s changed since he played the adorable adolescent seeking the attention of his American classmate? In terms of his physical appearance, not much. He is easily recognizable to fans of the movie as he’s retained much of his boyish appearance, but he has grown somewhat and nearly reaches his famous second-cousin. Sangster stands at an above average height of 5’10.5″ with Hugh Grant just barely inching him out at 5’11”. The 24-year-old has been a regular on seasons 3 & 4 of the hugely popular HBO fantasy drama “Game of Thrones”, where he plays the keenly insightful Jojen Reed. He’s appeared in 9 episodes to date and his character is still alive; the show is keen to kill off characters.

Sangster’s latest film “The Maze Runner” is currently is post-production. The thriller co-stars Kaya Scodelario and will be out in US theaters this coming September 19. As of late, he’d been spotted dating former actress Isabella Melling who is best known for the character “Wendy” during the long-running British sitcom “My Parents are Aliens” which ran from 1999 to 2006. During an interview this past spring, he mentioned that Melling was close to wrapping up her university studies, but was still unsure about what to do after graduation. At the time, he admitted he was quite fond of her.

Did You Know Thomas Sangster And Hugh Grant Are Cousins?

Did You Know Thomas Sangster And Hugh Grant Are Cousins?