Angelina Jolie’s Tassel of Critters Fascinated by Her Tattoos
Actress Angelina Jolie’s latest film “Maleficent” proves that she still has just as much star power as her partner Brad Pitt. His 2013 science fiction horror movie “World War Z” took in $540 million on a budget of $190 million. Her recent film has now reached $358 million on a budget of $180 million. Naturally, she is getting a lot of media attention these days. During a recent interview, the subject of her myriad of tattoos came up and she confessed that her children find them fascinating. Well, the actual word she used was “obsessed”.

Jolie has six children who are Vivienne and Knox , both age 5, Shiloh, age 8, Zahara, age 9, Pax, age 10, and Maddox, age 12. Jolie says they are constantly inquiring about the tattoos, what they mean, etc. In fact, she admits her son Pax told her he would like to get a tattoo when he is older. Although, Pax said his mother has counseled him that he has a lot of time to wait until he gets one. Jolie has a total of 13 tattoos on her body with perhaps the most noteworthy one being the geographical coordinates of each child’s birth location on her arm. The children come from Cambodia, Ethiopia, France, Namibia, and Vietnam.

With Jolie’s veritable United Nations representation at home, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she devotes time at the UN. Her most recent effort has been in support of the Rape Summit. For her efforts, she was bestowed with the honorable title of “Dame” by none other than British politician William Hague. Jolie was touched by the gesture. However, not every Brit found the prospect of the American actress getting the title acceptable. Labour MP Paul Flynn believes that giving the title to a foreign celebrity dilutes the value of the honor. He would prefer to see the title go to one of England’s many unsung heroines.

angelina jolie kids obsessed with tattoos

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