Leonardo DiCaprio takes very seriously the counsel to watch out for the kind of company he keeps. He made that clear when she steered far away from the Kardashians and their ever attendant film cameras. The Kardashians were at the XIV Summer Sessions celebration which occasion they used to film sequences for their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. DiCaprio was loathe to be used by them as a prop for the show. He didn’t arrive at the party until he was given the “all’s clear” signal that the Kardashians and their film crew had departed.

Likewise, reports have emerged that during the recent Cannes Film Festival, DiCaprio was in the VIP lounge of a popular club surrounded by fawning babes. The area was cordoned off for the exclusive use of the star of “The Wolf of Wall Street” and no one could enter without DiCaprio’s express approval. In came the insolent 20-year-old singer Justin Bieber in his usual shirtless attire. Bieber was said to be strolling around the club to see what action was happening when he saw DiCaprio’s entourage. He approached the body guards and requested they seek permission from DiCaprio for him to enter. He certainly thought it was just a mere formality before being allowed in.

Witnesses say Bieber was smiling towards the “Titanic” star in recognition and expecting him to beckon him to the group with full honors. Instead, DiCaprio motioned his hand in a “Be gone with him!” manner. Sources close to DiCaprio have stated that he has a less than favorable view of Bieber and his talent – ouch! Reports are that Bieber got his feelings hurt by the snub. Perhaps DiCaprio was upset that Bieber outbid him for a Bulgari necklace featuring a 13-karat aquamarine gem at a fund raising event weeks before. DiCaprio’s final bid was €350,000 ($476,000 USD) and Bieber came in at €400,000 ($545,000 USD) to snipe the item from him.

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