Nashville, Tennessee – Scott McCreery, age 20, has enjoyed a good music career as a country music singer in the four years since winning American Idol as a teenager. In 2012, roughly two years after his Idol victory, he hired a new manager in the form of Todd Cassetty, a man with extensive music experience. However, the working relationship did not turn out as expected and they parted ways but not without a dispute. Cassetty believed he was owed back pay as a percentage of McCreery’s gross revenue over that period of time. Given that McCreery made approximately $1.6 million, Cassetty was owed the standard 15% cut or $239,329.00.

The two parties could not come to an agreement leading Cassetty to file a lawsuit against McCreery and his mother, who handles many of his business affairs. The trial began this week and ended with the jury finding in favor of the plaintiff. In other words, Scott McCreery must pay is former manager the back pay of $239K. It is apparent that courts across the country favor employees of the rich and famous getting back pay. This is a lesson that Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga have found out.

McCreery filed counter-suits, but that proved to be ineffective as the alleged charges were dismissed. There never was a written contract between McCreery and Cassetty, but that didn’t matter in the end. While verbal contracts are harder to enforce than written ones, they still have legal force as McCreery has learned – the hard way.

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