Bindi Irwin Urges Girls Her Age to Dress Modestly

The late Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi is proving herself to be quite mature for her age. In fact, in her own opinion, she’s 86 years old in spirit. By that comment, she means that her interests are not in boys, fashion, or any of a myriad of other frivolities that attract a young girl’s attention. Rather, Ms. Irwin prefers to spend her free time reading books and sipping on a cup of tea. She is definitely precocious and ascribes that to her upbringing where she spent countless hours at the zoo caring for animals. She also traveled the world which has given her a broad perspective.

The 15-year-old will be turning 16 next month and is urging girls to dress modestly. She explained that girls often seek skimpy clothing in an attempt to look older than their actual age. In Bindi’s opinion, the girls often come across looking younger than their current age. She further explained that by dressing age appropriately, a teen girl can be just as stylish and beautiful. There’s also little need of exposing skin. Lest anyone wonder where she gets this line of thinking from, she admits it’s from her mother. Now, that proposition will put off a certain number of teen girls who want nothing to do with their mothers. Truth be told, the day will come when as women they will largely value the wisdom their mothers give them.

Ms. Irwin also urged girls to be more prudent with their clothing choices because within a decade’s time, these same scantily dressed girls will look back at their fashion choices and regret it. In a day and age of teen pregnancies, semi-naked fashion, and obsession with personal image, Ms. Irwin is a breath of fresh air. Regardless of what a person thinks of her reasoning, one thing is fairly certain and that is the world would be better off with more Bindi Irwin’s in it.

bindi irwin coverup

bindi irwin coverup

Bindi Irwin Wants Other Teen Girls to “Cover Up,” Says She’s an 86 Year Old Soul