Nicole Kidman Undergoes Breast Augmentation

Actress Nicole Kidman is looking a lot more buxom these days, and surgery experts are insisting Kidman has recently undergone a breast augmentation procedure as the only likely explanation for her fuller bosom. Fans and critics alike first noticed her new profile when she attended glamorous red carpet events in Shanghai for the release of her latest movie, “Grace of Monaco.” In the film, the popular Australian actress portrays the legendary Philadelphia actress turned real life princess, Grace Kelly.

Although Kidman has insisted in interviews with the press that plastic surgery was not for her and that her experiment with botox was not to her liking, the increase in the size of her breasts compared with her very skinny frame has been very noticeable in recent weeks. One plastic surgeon who examined photos of the actress, who appeared in a stunning Prada gown to participate in a charity ball in Melbourne last week, claims it is very evident that she has gone under the knife in order to firm up the shape of her breasts in addition to enlarging their size. One surgical expert insists that the procedure has enlarged the cup size of her breasts from a small B to a very full size-C.

The change in the size of Kidman’s bosom has been particularly noticeable because she was always tall and very slim without any breasts to take notice of until her recent transformation. And medical experts agree that whoever handled the breast augmentation did a very good job because her new breasts look very attractive and much larger than before without making her look like a comic-book figure. One doctor said that the shape of her new breast implants was very complementary to her body, although post-surgical swelling may make the breasts look larger than normal.

nicole kidman breast surgery

nicole kidman breast surgery

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