helen hunt rocks beach body at age 51

helen hunt rocks beach body at age 51

Celebs Who Don’t Look Their Age: Helen Hunt

Actress Helen Hunt recently made it pretty clear that her beauty is defying her age. She made this evident on her recent family vacation to the island paradise of Maui where she was spotted enjoying her current madness: surfing. She was at the beach to take surfing lessons after getting turned on to the sport at age 51. Yes, the former star of the TV sitcom “Mad About You” and the blockbuster “Twister” has past the half-century mark and is officially a quinquagenarian (a person in their fifties). When she was done with her lessons, she took off her long sleeve T-shirt to reveal a flat stomach, love handle free waist, and slender physique.

It wasn’t even obvious that the native Southern Californian had once given birth. There were no visible stretch marks. Based on her looks, Hunt could easily come across as a hot woman in her early 40s. Maybe part of her good physical condition comes from her background in ballet which she studied during her youth. Needless to say, surfing is very good for maintaining core body strength which will definitely keep the abdominal muscles toned. It is true what some physical experts say that if you can perform a sport that engages the core muscles, all the rest of the body’s muscles follow suit.

For her part, Hunt continues to live an unpretentious life. She recently admitted that she’s like anyone else. She has her moments of happiness and times of sorrow. She spends time with her daughter Makena and makes time for her friends.

last year the 51-year-old actress showed off her ageless physique on the set of her new movie on Monday, Aug. 5. Hunt hit Venice Beach in L.A. wearing a black halter-top, one-piece swimsuit, which accentuated her slender frame.

In her own words, she lives a boring life compared to what other celebrities are seen doing in the tabloids. Judging from her overall health and maturity, the world of celebrities would be much better off if there were more Helen Hunts.